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The journey to Canada is an exciting opportunity, yet it can also prove to be rather challenging...

Relocating to Canada is a very exciting opportunity as it can  be the door to a better future for you and your family. Despite this, the transition for new immigrants can often be very challenging, especially within the first year of arrival. The need to find a home, register for school, as well as the amount of applications, procedures, and documentation that Newcomers to Canada must prepare can be very stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming, especially for a family. 

​In accordance with our vision, our team has designed the Welcome Package to specifically offer our clients peace of mind and provide them with a comfortable and smooth transition to their new home in Canada. We offer the Welcome Package for a minimal charge, when you sign a retainer agreement​ to be represented by us for your immigration to Canada.

In addition to our standard immigration services, the Welcome Package offers numerous benefits for our clients:​​​

With a full license in Real Estate, we offer our clients with all of the resources to make the process of finding a home as smooth as possible. Includes:

  • Advice regarding available locations to settle
  • Assistance in renting a home
  • Purchasing a new home, in addition to assistance with Mortgage approvals

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Airport Pick-up

​One of our representatives will greet you at the airport, and assist you in making it safely and comfortably to your destination

Available everyday of the week to help assist you with any of your questions and concerns

We will assist you to obtain all necessary Canadian documents and ID's, including Social Insurance Number, Drivers License, Healthcard, etc. 

Full consultation sessions throughout the entire process, covering regulations and conditions regarding permanent residence and citizenship, as well as processes to complete after landing in Canada. 

24/7 Phone Support​


Complete Consultation 

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Welcome Package

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Assist Newcomers with procedures to settle in the country including:

  • Child school registration
  • Finding a family doctor
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining phone, internet, utility services for your home
  • Car rental and purchases
  • Obtaining home and auto insurance at the best rates
  • ​Introduction to job search methods, government resources, and collaboration with recruitment agencies

Settlement Services

Assistance Obtaining Canadian Documents​